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Can the Developer Tab be Enables?

by UPresentation | 2014-06-23

If you use PowerPoint 2013, the tab "Developer" is not visible on PPT Ribbon. However you can easily enable this tab within the dialog box “PowerPoint Options”. Most options in this tab are not used by regular users. If you are a professional developer or programmer who use advanced PPT options, then the tab "Developer" is just what you may need. Using this tab will let you work with VBA macros and content. Alternatively users may use the following tab for accessing options and inserting ActiveX Controls on PPT slides.

Do the following and the tab "Developer" will be enabled:

1. Access the menu “File” and choose there “Options”.

Can the Developer Tab be Enables?

2. You'll activate “PowerPoint Options” dialog box.

3. Check the option “Customize Ribbon” which should be selected within the sidebar.

4. Select the check box “Developer” and locate it within the section “Customize the Ribbon”.

Can the Developer Tab be Enables?

5. Click the button “OK”.

6. The tab “Developer” is now enabled on the Ribbon. You can use this tab and freely access all the available options.

Can the Developer Tab be Enables?

In case you need to deselect the check-box “Developer” you should follow the same steps.

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